The Ritual of Tea and Cookies in an Indian Household

Do you remember dunking your favorite cookies in hot tea? These are definitely one of the best childhood memories you would like to cherish forever. For most homes, having crisp freshly baked cookies with a cup of tea is daily ritual.

History of Cookie and Tea Ritual

If we talk about an English afternoon, the tea tradition started in London, at The Langham Hotel way back in the year 1865. The legends have it that the 7th Duchess of Bedford wasn’t feeling well one afternoon. So she ordered a cup of tea and some bread and butter to go with it. This was supposed to be delivered to her private room. The Duchess enjoyed the ritual and planned to invite friends to join her. So it became a ritual. The Duchess started inviting her friends and the tea was served with cakes, cookies, and muffins. Since then, tea and cookies were served in the evening or anytime the British had guests visiting them.

Whether it is tea or coffee, cookies can make the ritual worth enjoying. These can be bought from a nearby confectionery shops or bakers and stored for a long time. Proper storage will help keep these cookies crisper and fresher for long. Experts recommend storing cookies in air tight jars for best results.

A Staple for Indian Household

As far as kids are concerned, they would not have milk without their favorite cookies. They love dunking them in the milk and pull them before they break or fall into the glass. Most moms have taught their kids the right way to dunk cookies (dunking in cold milk is the best).

Indian households like to have cookies with coffee and tea. This is either a morning or evening ritual. None of the hot beverages can taste better without biscuits. Right from wheat cookies to cream biscuits, and freshly baked cake cookies (sweet or salted), every kitchen in India has stored them.

Come Christmas and people reach out to the best cookies shop in Delhi. These shops have a variety of cookies specially baked and customized to suit the mood of this festival. So you can expect all varieties including the famous gingerbread men.

Most biscuits manufacturers in Delhi will customize biscuits for Christmas, Diwali or other festivals/events. You can get these packed and send it to your loved ones.

Cookie baking is an art. Not everyone can do it. Professional bakeries have mastered this art and hold years of experience doing this. They also have the best of tools and appliances to bake the best. The manufacturing units are maintained and equipped well to accommodate cookie artists.

The process demands the following steps and much more:

– Use of good quality tools and utensils including bowls, pans, spoons, and spatulas of accurate shapes and sizes.
– Use of standard measuring cups and spoons.
– Premium quality ingredients and skill of assembling the ingredients in right way before starting.
– Storing of ingredient at the right temperature before baking.
– Measuring ingredients and liquids correctly.
– Understanding of right oven temperature.
– Greasing cookie sheets the right way.
– Weighing cookie dough.
– Understanding baking time.

Baking perfect cookies is an art which should be left best to professionals. They are the best people behind baking delectable cookies in uniform thickness and size.

For the best cookies, reach out to renowned cookies manufacturers in Delhi. They are the best people to rely on. Getting the best product will make your morning and evening tea rituals enjoyable and moments to cherish forever!


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